It is obvious that there is a secret desire that we all carry about – “we all want to be great and famous”. But one simple fact remains: we all cannot become great and famous. I am not being pessimistic; I am only trying to be brutally honest. I have known from many years of research that we all cannot become great because the price of greatness is high, and not more than 25% of any society is willing to pay it. So if you want to belong to the class of the 25% which I belong, a group of people who will make their small dreams become a reality, then you must do the following six things:

1. Discover your assignment
The chances of a person who did not discover his calling making it to the top is very remote. The challenges in life are enormous and if a person is not operating in his area of competence, there is high probability that, that person will wear out easily, lose life’s flavor and possibly resign to fate.

2. Get necessary training
Have you ever wondered why a bank manager of about 50 years of age should collect ten times the salary of a bank gateman who is also 50 years of age? The dividing line is training. Someone once rightly said, “Those who fail to plan are planning to fail”. If you want to turn your dream into reality submit yourself to training. Don’t mind what it will take you to go for it.

3. Meet needs with your gift
One wise man said, “Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care. Dr. Robert Schuller said, “The greatest secret of success is to find a need and fill it”.
If you have discovered your God given talent, start finding how you can turn that into money making machine by developing into what could help people solve a particular problem in their life, which they will be willing to pay for. Meet people’s need with your gift, and then later, you will be smiling to the bank.

4. Don’t fear failure
There are countless ideas and dreams that have died as a result of fear of failure. And let me tell you, if someone didn’t have courage, you will not be having a dress on now. If everyone were to be carried away by fear and doubt, there wouldn’t be aircraft today. Think about it, there would have been no electricity, no cars, no GSM, no fan, no radio, no stove and in fact no houses. The greatest step toward your turning your small dream into big achievement is to throw away fear and doubt and embrace courage.

5. Mount a powerful campaign
One advertisement guru said, “If you don’t say here I am, nobody will ask where you are”. So after you have discovered your talent/calling/assignment, and have been trained or if you know you have patented a product or a service that will bring you success, it is now time to go all your way to tell the world about it. Make the sale and get your money. It’s that simple

6. Hold on long enough
There are many obstacles on the way of a person heading for success. Don’t allow them to stop you.

This is the secret of the great achievers you see all over the place. Put these steps forward and you are well on your way to joining us. See you at the top.



Over the years, one question that keeps recurring is whether to start your own business or work for somebody else.
However, there is no hard and fast rule for deciding what you should do or what the answer to that question will be. I think it depends on the circumstance surrounding you at the time and we all know that circumstance varies with individual. That said, it is important to know that having your business places you on the path to financial freedom. I recommend that everybody gives entrepreneurship a shot. If you are employed, don’t plan to remain an employee all your life, understand the sign of the time. Pension funds are dwindling and besides, nobody will take care of your financial problems better than you.

Entrepreneur is a key factor in fostering economic growth. Ten-percent and commission seekers are not entrepreneurs. All those who go around the corridors of power with the aim of influencing their relations to give them contracts which they re-sell are not entrepreneurs. Those set of people contribute nothing to the economic growth of the nation. They are parasites and saboteurs of the economy.
Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are the pivot on which the economy of a nation rotates. Entrepreneurs are pioneers. They are creative and innovative as they provide new services and products. They also create jobs for others and bring down the unemployment rate. It is not the government that creates jobs but the entrepreneurs.

Hope is, however, not lost for any nation that has entrepreneur deficiency. This is because entrepreneurs are not born; they can be developed through fiscal policies, training and guidance. The economic, political, legal and technical environment can be readily and easily changed by public policy. Very few are born entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs are be made.

People don’t want to start their own business because of three notable reasons, namely:
1. No money
2. No ideas
3. Fear of failure
However, those who dare to start have the problem of making a success of them. Many businesses are started every year but fail to make it beyond 5 years, when you ask why? The answer is usually capital. This is not a sound excuse.

In as much as ideas and money are needed to start a business, what is actually needed most is business opportunity. Rather than go for business opportunity, most would be entrepreneurs see their products or services as the ultimate. They think the world of them. The problem is not the product or service you are willing to render, the problem is the customers. Are they willing to spend and buy the product or service to solve their problem?

If your business is to remain relevant, that business must exist only for the purpose of solving a problem for somebody. You must have a value proposition. The market on the other hand, must be willing to spend their money to buy your product or service to solve their problem. It is only when these conditions are met that it can be regarded as investment opportunity.
To know if your business is meaningful, think through the following question-
1. What problem do you want to solve?
2. Why is it a problem?
3. What causes the problem?
4. If your business is gone tomorrow, what would the world lose?
5. Why do you think you can solve the problem?
6. How does your product or service solve the problem?
7. How does your product or service make your customer’s life better?
8. What do you think your customers really need from a company like yours?
This is how to build a brand.

Remember, every true business only exists to solve a problem so as to make life better for their customers. If what you do does not benefit others, it is not meaningful.
There are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. The right reason is not a desire to make much more money but a desire to build something lasting and beneficial to the society. Also, to enable you enjoy creativity that is stifled in a corporate world. If you make the pursuit of money your main reason for starting a business, you are very likely to be frustrated when the money does not start coming very quickly.


downloadEvery man should be thinking about Income Generation from the beginning of adulthood. The idea of going to school in order to get a good job is no longer relevant. I also believe that school has a way of making graduates job oriented instead of work oriented. This is because immediately after school, we focus on getting a job to enable us meet the financial demands of the present and deliberately forget to carefully plan for the future.

For many, their current financial responsibilities often match or even surpass the amount of money being earned from their employment. The only way to increase their earning is to do more work. If you would like to free yourself from the grind of working for money for ever, work towards starting your own business, take advantage of investment opportunities found in your environment to enable you create wealth. Wealth creation has very many benefits, some of which are as follows:

  • Limited Demand on Your Time

One of the greatest complaints career focused individuals have is the significant amount of time they are required to dedicate to their employer. Most individuals would like to enjoy the company of family, hang out with friends, and enjoy complete freedom. But for most employees, this is a pipe dream due to the high demand on their time, trying to earn income to enable them satisfy their needs and wants. As an employee, you trade your time for earned income. You don’t own it anymore, your employer does. So you can’t have your cake and eat it?

The first benefit of pursuing wealth creation is the ability to rely on an income source that has little or no time demands. All you need to do is to set up your business, establish a system, control and a quality marketing strategy. Time will work to your benefit as you generate money in form of passive income.

  • Ability to solve money problems

Every adult has money problems because in fact, every living being has needs or wants. Many times people are tempted to take a job and hand over their money problems solving ability to their employer and expect him to do a good job at it. This is a quick fix method that is popular among people. The employers, of course, more often than not do poor jobs solving employees’ money problems because that is not the reason they were employed. On the contrary, they were employed by implication, to help solve the employers’ money problems.

  • Financial Freedom

Workers think financial freedom is attainable through the resources of employment. It is only when you seek the opportunities for wealth creation will you be able to secure the income solution to meet most of your financial demands. Great success with this pursuit will allow you acquire the money needed to meet expense demands, build savings and establish your primary income base. If you want to enjoy financial freedom, your best option is to go for wealth creation.

Change the world

Becoming rich is not the exclusive preserve of a select few. I am so glad the way is open for whosoever will. The thought of getting rich alone gives you that feeling of travelling to Hawaii. Don’t you think so?

Come to think of it, why is it so hard to become rich, after all, the way is there for all to see and follow?

Let everyone make it a goal to become rich so we can remake the world. That should be a good reason to become rich.

What do you think?


When I talk about becoming rich, people probably think of business tycoons like Richard Branson, owner of Virgin airlines or real estate veterans like Donald Trump, or in Nigeria – Dangote, who has multiple businesses. It is now on record that he is the richest man in Africa. Initial wealth creation strategies can start at a much simpler level; the above mentioned gentlemen did not start at the level they are today.


So what happened?  Why is it  that the financial information many people got is not getting them the desired result as far as wealth goes? Why is it that the knowledge they got appears to be not working? Why is it that only a few people seem to get wealthy and are financially free?

The answer is simple. The education system in place was created in the 1800s. It was designed to give people the skills to work in industries, offices, and so on. It teaches working skills, not wealth-building skills. Even today, you will learn a lot in school, but one thing you will not usually learn is how to get wealthy and be financially independent; guaranteed. You may go to school to be trained in any field you want but they will not teach you how to create wealth.

Do you see the picture now? The masses are not taught how to create wealth. They are taught how to acquire the skills to work for others or for themselves, but not how to create wealth to enable them become financially free. From the foregoing, it is clear that the vast majority of people are attempting to create wealth without a clue of how it is done. There is nothing wrong with the people; they are just not equipped to achieve the set goal of financial freedom. You must have the right information for the information to be turned into an asset.

The much touted mantra of “Go to school so that you can get a good job and after working for forty years, you retire and live well ever after on pension;” has lost its relevance. It had its way in the past centuries beginning from 19th century. Our parents, friends, teachers and government were all in agreement with this school of thought. But how true is it today? The evidence on ground shows that working as employee does not lead to financial freedom. Most people are not wealthy even though they are employed and work long hours; that is what we see today and that is the fact. And when they retire, they don’t usually get the rosy picture the old school tries to portray; instead they are forced to survive on a meager pension.

Therefore, if you want to build your wealth and be financially independent, here are the points to consider

  1. Have financial freedom as one of your goals in life.
  2. Develop a burning desire to become rich.
  3. Upgrade your earning ability, find a coach.
  4. Delete all limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind.
  5. Learn how to be in control of your expenditure

Riches don’t just happen; you must deliberately work for it. The road is rough but the result in the end is well worth it. Hitch your wagon to the star.

We shall expand on those bullet points in our next article but remember to drop us a line if you truly were informed from our write up so we can elaborate on those points later with you in mind.


Copy the Rich

Poverty is the state or condition of being poor. It is the state of not having enough money to take care of basic needs such as food, clothing and housing. It can also be defined as a deficiency or lack of something, such as poverty of emotion and the like, but in our case study, it is poverty of money or lack of money.

Below are the 5 most dangerous reasons why the poor remains poor

  1. Poor People don’t take Action

When it comes to getting rich, there are two types of people: those who wait for someone else to make them rich and those who want to make themselves rich. The people who fall into the first category are usually the ones who remain poor.  Instead of working hard to achieve their dreams, they hope that it will somehow happen by chance, so they buy a lottery ticket or start snooping around for some easy money. They do not take action to actualize their dreams, they can only dream and dream alone is not enough.

  1. Poor people don’t value Knowledge

If you have ever noticed that some of the richest people in the world, Bill Gates for example, did not have a university degree before he became rich, you’re one step ahead of everyone else. Poor people tend to overlook actual knowledge that will make them rich and prefer formal education instead. They do not know that following their passion will help them in the future to carve a niche for themselves.

  1. Poor People don’t believe in themselves

The poor do not believe in themselves. They have many reasons why they are not able to do what they are supposed to do to get rich. On the contrary, you probably never heard a rich person sit around talking about reasons why they can’t do something they want to do. No, the word “can’t” is not even in their vocabulary. They are more likely to talk about how they will find a way around their obstacles until they reach their goals

  1. Poor people are always regretting the past

Worry and anxiety hold the poor back from getting rich. If you prefer to sit around and think about the past, stop right now. Wealthy people tend to always look to the future, their goals, and what they can do days, weeks, and even years from now.  Looking back not only keeps you poor but can also make you depressed. Some people are so haunted by the ghost of the past, numbed by the thought of the present, and paralyzed by the fear of the future that they become no good to themselves and to the society.

  1. Poor People have extravagant lifestyle

When people who are poor earn money, they are more likely to spend it on something they do not need. They buy big cars, big houses and so on to show that they have arrived. They like to go on what is called shopping spree. They hate delayed gratification. Rich people on the other hand, do not blow every penny they earn on an extravagant lifestyle. They save, they invest, and they donate to charity.

Poverty is a state or condition nobody wants to find himself in because of the many consequences of poverty. Yet poor people remain poor even though they see millions of people who live highly successful and productive lives. So I recommend that poor people copy the behavior of the rich and better their lot in life.



Do you notice how scared people become at the mention of the word invest? They believe investment is risky. However, I am yet to see anything worthwhile that is devoid of risk. Walking on the street is as risky as eating a nice plate of fish in a posh restaurant. It is simply a limiting belief and this is what keeps you away from genuine wealth creation blueprint.


Here are top five reasons why you should start investing

  1. Everything is risky

When I see the way people who once had money soon become broke, I wonder which is more risky: not investing or investing. To me, not investing is more pretty risky. People who don’t invest are at the risk of spending all their money buying liabilities; and they call them trappings of success.

  1. Be financially independent

It isn’t wise to rely on others for your welfare when you become old. It makes sense to build your own nest egg while you can and look after your own financial health.  Don’t rely on other people; build yourself up financially to enable you take control your life and take care of yourself.

  1. Attain your goals

When you invest you have a lot more money for your dream house, a new car or savings for the trip of a lifetime, this is your motivation to invest. Lots of people aren’t driven by a need to invest because they have no goals to motivate them. Simply making money for the sake of making money is not worth it. Investing feels a lot more rewarding when you have a personal goal in mind, and you can make things happen above and beyond what is available to you.

  1. Focus on wealth creation

If you don’t start thinking about money when you’re young, it’s easy to get trapped into living beyond your means. Everyone needs to understand their financial situation in order to decide how much to spend, how much to save and how much to invest. Be deliberate about your priorities. The sooner you start saving and investing, the sooner you can create wealth. Delayed gratification is your watchword here.

  1. Grow your wealth

If you think about it, the act of “not investing” is already a risk to your capital. Not giving yourself the opportunity to grow your wealth is almost certainly as risky as being in the market and it is even more risky over longer time horizons because you cannot always work for money. Work smart; let your money work for you.

In conclusion, Investing should be everybody’s priority because it is one way you can personally influence your future positively. It will also enable you leave inheritance for your children and you become their most cherished ancestor having laid the foundation for them.

Now what are you waiting for?